Amateur Member Zone


This section is for registered members of our competitive squad only.

Members are reminded that we are guests at the gym and must follow the club rules communicated in the sign-up process at all times.

Everyone must be wrapped and warmed up ready to start boxing at the session start time. We follow a RAMP style warm up routine, an example of which can be found here (minus the pads). If you have any questions or need any help, please speak to a coach before the session.

You represent both the club and England Boxing when training, sparring or competing, so it is vital you abide by our gym rules and the rules of amateur boxing. Please find the rulebook here: England Boxing Rule Book

Our squad is competitive and we strive to be our best. That may be to simply compete, or to reach the pinnacle of amateur boxing and compete in the Olympics. You can find out how to progress to Team GB here: How To Become An Olympic Boxer


New Members

Once you have registered via our online form and your England Boxing 'Vault' account has been created, you must apply for your card using the forms below:

New Boxers: BCR1 Request Form

Those with ANY form of combat sport experience must also fill in this form: Previous Experience Declaration

If you have a medical booked with the club and do not yet have a card, the medical may be completed on this form: Recreational Boxer Medical Form


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