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“FIGHT CLUB”: Our New Subscription Memberships


Shhh... we know the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club…but the secret's out!


At The Boxing House, our mission has always been to make boxing accessible, convenient, and welcoming across all our clubs. As we celebrate four years of fulfilling this vision across 4 clubs, we thank our patrons for embracing the transformative power of boxing. In light of current economic challenges, we understand that accessibility includes affordability. To honour this commitment, we're excited to announce significant changes: our prices are dropping!

We’re proud to introduce our all-new “FIGHT CLUB” memberships, offering incredible savings on credits for a small monthly fee.


Choose Your Package:

  • FIGHT CLUB Contender: £9.99 per month with 20% off credits.
  • FIGHT CLUB Champion: £12.99 per month with 25% off credits.

 These have an expiry of one month "no if's, ands or buts"

All memberships include FREE gym locker rental.


Get started now and pay as low as £16.50 per credit, a significant reduction from the usual pay-as-you-go price of £22!


Join the Fight Club.


Key Points:

  • Simplified options: No more bundles, just pay as you go options and 3 Subscription Membership Levels.
  • Subscription Membership Levels: Free, Fight Club Contender (£9.99/month), Fight Club Champion (£12.99/month).
  • Membership commitments last a minimum of 3 months with a month's notice for cancellation.


What's New?

  • Significant savings with monthly subscriptions and discounted credit prices.
  • Purchase 3 or more credits per month to notice substantial savings.
  • The new subscriptions roll out on Jan 1. Subscribing in December grants an additional 5% discount until March 15.


Important Information:

  • Email us at for any queries.
  • Existing memberships continue to function as currently sold and advertised.


Ready to Elevate Your Boxing Experience? Purchase Your Subscription Now!


PS: The following memberships will continue to function as currently sold and advertised including:

  • Kids Credits & Kids Memberships
  • Self Train Memberships
  • Unlimited “All You Can Train” Memberships
  • PT Memberships
  • Sauna Memberships


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